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Health career courses tailored to fit your needs.
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The State Board of Community Colleges licenses our courses at Harmony Health Career Training LLC. We are here to provide students with the right training, clinical skills, and knowledge necessary for them to achieve their healthcare dreams.

Studying at Harmony Health Career Training LLC provides our students with access to comprehensive allied health courses, as well as highly qualified instructors. Using innovative teaching tools and techniques, combined with up-to-date healthcare courses, we help each student gain the competencies they need to secure stable careers in the dynamic healthcare field.

Who is your accreditation body?

Harmony Health Career Training LLC is licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges, but they are NOT an accreditation entity. We offer programs that require national certification examinations upon completion of study, which qualifies our students to join the workforce as state-recognized certified pharmacy technicians.

Courses Offered

Our healthcare courses include:

For our students’ convenience, we provide online learning opportunities as well. Class times are also flexible to accommodate the working student’s schedule.

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Enroll now and discover how Harmony Health Career Training LLC can help you achieve your healthcare career goals! If you have other inquiries and concerns about our courses, get in touch with us at 919-615-1581 or 919-747-9462 for assistance.