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This course is for those wanting to start a career as a Certified Nurse Aide.
Doctor and nurse examining patient

Register online under the enrollment link. 

Traditional Nurse Aide I/CNA I 2023 Upcoming classes: All training hours are completed onsite.

2023 Courses for Traditional Nurse Aide I/CNA I program are listed below; classes must have a minimum of 5 registered students if not class maybe cancelled.

Day option:

4/24/2023-6/21/2023 Monday and Wednesday 8:30am-3:30pm
5/11/2023-6/22/2033 Tuesday and Thursday 8:30a-3:30pm-last week of classes a attend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
6/26/2023-8/03/2023 Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday track 8:30a-3:30pm

Evening option:

4/24/2023-6/21/2023 Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday 5:15pm-9:15pm
7/05/2023-8/30/2023 Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday 5:15pm-9:15pm

State exam sponsored by Credentia is held at the school! Exam fee of $140 is NOT included in your course fees & is paid directly to Credentia.

Registration available online and in person Wednesday-Thursday 10am-2pm; please call ahead to schedule a registration appointment

Students are required to bring their own facial mask which is worn at all times when in class. Gloves will be provided for use.
Daily temperature screening and COVID-19 questionnaire.

Clinical rotation days may vary according to agency openings when/if COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.* Students must be available for classes you registered for.

Students are required to wear scrubs; must be purchased at the school.
Students are required to provide a background check during enrollment. This can be purchased at the school for an additional fee $30-clinical requirement
Students will also go through an oral drug screen prior to clinical hours starting.

Our CNA/Nurse Aide I and Phlebotomy Hybrid courses are WIOA approved programs for Wake County! Contact your caseworker if you are interested in enrolling in these courses.

Course Fee: $725
In house payment plan available: $100 non-refundable registration fee holds your seat.
2 payments for the remaining balance.

Skills State exam sponsored by Pearson Vue is held at the school! Exam fee of $140 is NOT included in your course fees & is paid directly to Pearson Vue.

Tuition rate includes non-refundable registration fee, course tuition, curriculum notebook, student liability insurance.


Hartman’s Nursing Assistant book(optional) can be purchased for $35; Background check is $30.00, blood pressure kit $30,Uniforms CPR 2year certification $60 for enrolled students only.

Items needed to register:
High school OR College transcripts (copy of diplomas/degrees are not acceptable)
Valid current government issued photo ID
Social Security card
Completed student application and enrollment forms
Copy of immunizations
Background check(for outside clinical rotations)
Non-refundable Registration fee $100
Register in person today via appointment

At Harmony Health Career Training LLC, our CNA I Training course equips students with the skills required for an entry-level position in the healthcare industry as a certified nurse aide. Through this course, students will learn the following:

  • The Principles of Healthcare
  • Body systems
  • Various diseases
  • Taking vital signs
  • Providing assistance to patients
  • And other essential duties and responsibilities

Our NC state-approved Nurse Aide I Training program consists of a total of 102 hours of training which includes class, lab, and clinical rotation.

Please take note of our rates below:


  • Nurse Aide I/CNAI $725(total fee)
  • $100 non-refundable registration fee
  • $412 payment
  • $213 remaining balance*NACES state exam fee is not included in this affordable program fee and is paid separately to Pearson Vue by the student.Enrollment is best completed in person. For more details on our CNA I Training, please call us at 919-615-1581.