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This course is in preparation for taking the national board for the Phlebotomy profession.
patient being injected by a syringe

Harmony Health Career Training LLC offers our Phlebotomy Workshop Refresher course.

Course Dates-call for August dates * must attend both days

Course Description:

This refresher workshop is for previously trained healthcare team members such as phlebotomists, nursing students, nurses, and physician assistants who are needing a refresher course in phlebotomy skills.

If you are a phlebotomist with an expired certification or who has never sat for the national board exam, you may take this refresher course. Upon completing the training, you can sit for the exam through the National Healthcare Association (NHA) on-site at our training facility.

In this refresher course, the student will learn the following:

  • Vein recognition
  • Basic venipuncture techniques
  • Correct order of draw
  • Tube recognition
  • Basic A&P
  • Common medical terminologies used in the field
  • Other important aspects of the phlebotomy profession

Please take note of our rates below:


  • Phlebotomy Workshop Refresher – $300.00
  • Non-refundable registration fee to reserve your space-$50
  • Optional Online Study Guide & Study Questions – $75

The NHA exam fee is NOT included in the low-cost course fee.

The Phlebotomy Workshop is offered for continuing education purposes for previously trained and occupationally qualified individuals. This program is not licensed by the North Carolina Community College System. The Phlebotomy Skills Refresher program has been declared exempt from the requirements for a licensee under provisions of Article 8, ยง115D of the North Carolina General Statutes, with respect to programs determined to be continuing education for already trained and occupationally qualified individuals. Exemption from licensure is not based upon any assessment of program quality under established licensing standards.